Thinking of starting your own business?

Are you:

  • Eligible for, or collecting, employment insurance (EI) benefits?
  • An unemployed “reach back” client who received EI benefits within the

last 36 months (60 months for those recipients of maternity/parental


If so, you may be eligible for the Ontario Self-Employment Benefit

(OSEB) 42 week program which includes:

  • Comprehensive Business Training
  • Practical advisory assistance
  • Income Support

For more information about OSEB, please call 416-289-5000 ext. 7132

Or visit our website at

You can also attend our information sessions:

Session Dates:                                            

                                   October 7th                 @ 10:00 AM  (Tuesday)

                                    October 22nd              @   4:00 PM  (Wednesday)               

      Location:              Latvian Cultural Centre

4 Credit Union Drive

(South of Eglinton & East of Don Valley Pkwy)