Transforming Ideas into Reality-CPAC Enlight’s “Entrepreneurship Seminar” a Success

July 29th, 2014, Toronto – Last Saturday afternoon, more than 80 young professionals attended CPAC’s Young Professionals Division, Enlight’s entrepreneurship seminar. As one of Enlight’s signature events, the entrepreneurship seminar is centered on helping young entrepreneurs refine their ideas and grow those ideas into great businesses.

Enlight was built on the vision that young people can realize their potential by meeting and learning from the best in business and industry. Enlight members represent a wide variety of fields and sectors. Through these cross-industries, cross-functional collaborations, the Young Professionals Division of CPAC hopes to help members build and develop the skills, knowledge and networks that will help them in this dynamic global marketplace.

For Saturday’s event, Enlight invited three experienced entrepreneurs and educators to share their past experience and expertise with the audiences. The guest speakers were Stuart Browne (Founder and CEO of Pycap Venture Partners), Assaf Weisz (Co-founder and Partner at Purpose Capital) and Keri Damen (Director of Entrepreneurship Programs at MaRS). The topics covered during the seminar included: how to come up with innovative ideas/ business models; how to choose business partners and prevent conflicts; and the resources & funding options that are available for start-ups. After speaking, each guest speaker received a certificate and a token of appreciation provided by Enlight. One of the highlights of the seminar was the lucky draw for a free ipod. After the event, the audience had a chance to mingle with the guest speakers.

CPAC’s Enlight is committed to serve young professionals from all backgrounds. Enlight will be holding monthly events on a full range of topics, including employment-related activities to help young professionals explore more career paths, and help expand their social and professional networks. Youth members and volunteers currently accepting applications, please contact: