Volunteers wanted to lead Health Care and Accounting Professional Groups

Are you looking to expand your connections and to advance your career development? CPAC can provide the opportunities and resources for dedicated volunteers who can help us to organize the Health Care and Accounting career-related seminars. We are the leading non-profit organization serving a community of internationally trained professionals with 30, 000 members in various professions. For over two decades, CPAC has been successful in helping immigrants with employment and career advancement, gaining necessary credentials, and accessing international business opportunities. We are looking for dedicated volunteers to join our family!

Job Requirement

  1. Coordinate and organize Health Care or Accounting career-related seminars
  2. Organize, plan and manage networking events

Volunteer Eligibility

  1. Knowledge and experience in the field of Health Care and/or Accounting
  2. Ability to commit some of your time to carry out volunteer activities

For registration or inquires, please contact Larissa at (416)-298-7885 ext. 109 or email to Larissa.Li@cpac-canada.ca