Vote in the 2019 Federal Election

CPAC strongly encourages all members to vote in the upcoming 2019 federal election.

In Canada, voting is a right and responsibility of every citizen, and citizen’s participation in its democratic processes is an essential part of a healthy democracy.

In some immigrant communities, voting rates are often lower than the national average, which lowers the political influence of these communities. Therefore, it is important that each of us vote in political elections.

“Many immigrant professionals have made great contributions to their chosen professions and the prosperity of the Canadian society,” observed Eric Xiao, president of CPAC. “Now as Canadian citizens, it is our duty to vote and our responsibility to contribute to the discussions of issues critical to our country.”

Let us concern ourselves with Canada’s public affairs, get informed and vote. This is doing our part in helping achieve the full potential of a diverse and inclusive society.

Our vote is our voice. Let’s vote and help make a difference.