Weekend Seminar – Getting Ahead in Your Career with Your Asian Cultural Background

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A lot of Asian Canadians are highly educated, graduating from top universities with strong credentials.  While they are well represented in the professional workforce, they are often significantly under-represented in managerial positions.  Have you been pondering these questions: Why aren’t more Asians advancing to senior positions in North American companies?  Why does it seem as if your peers are getting promoted effortlessly, while your hard work does not get the recognition it deserves?  Why do you see promotions pass by again and again?

Combining his personal experience with research through interviews and literature reviews, Samuel Yip, the Head of Marketing at eBay Canada will use this session to ask tough questions and explore the Asian cultural values that influence individuals in the workplace.  He will offer practical solutions and tools to overcome challenges faced by many Asian professionals in seeking career advancement – from building self-awareness to effectively engaging with your managers and peers.

If you are looking for personal and strategic development to help get ahead in North American corporations, then this is a talk that you don’t want to miss.

Speaker’s Bio

Samuel Yip is the Head of Marketing at eBay Canada.  He is passionate about helping people achieve career growth.  As a first generation immigrant who has advanced his career from an individual professional contributor to a member of the Canadian leadership team at a Fortune 500 company, Samuel has first-hand experience of how Asian cultural values have influenced his professional behaviors, career advancement and management style.

Prior to joining eBay, he was the Director of Digital Marketing at Janssen, the pharmaceutical arm of Johnson and Johnson and the largest pharmaceutical company in Canada.  At Janssen he was the leader of the Employee Resource Group – ASIA (Asian Society for Innovation and Achievement) with the mandate to provide leadership development opportunities to employees.

Outside of his work in Toronto, he is a regular guest lecturer in marketing at University of Toronto and Sheridan College.