Experienced Officer

YRP is now hiring:

York Regional Police is actively recruiting experienced police constables.

York Regional Police accepts applications from candidates who have served with Canadian police agencies. The candidate must have completed a period of probation, pursuant to Section 44.1 of the Police Services Act. 

Training exemptions

  • From Ontario

An experienced officer who has graduated from the Ontario Police College is exempt from recruit training. 

  • From outside of Ontario

An experienced officer who has completed a Canadian police recruit training program comparable to the Ontario Police College program, and approved by the Ontario Police College, must write an Ontario Police College exemption exam. A candidate must have entered the selection process in order to write the exam and must obtain a passing grade to be considered at York Regional Police. 

The exemption exam is based on provincial law, Use of Force and the Highway Traffic Act.

Approved police recruit training programs

Graduates from the following Ontario Police College-approved programs are eligible to write the exemption exam:

  • Atlantic Police Academy
  • British Columbia Justice Institute
  • Calgary Police Service
  • Ecole Nationale de Police du Quebec
  • Edmonton Police Service
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police Depot
  • Saskatchewan Police College
  • Winnipeg Police Service

All other experienced officers must complete the Ontario Police College recruit program.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Copies of Emergency or Standard First Aid Certificate and CPR Level ā€˜Cā€™ Certificate
    • These certifications must remain valid throughout the Constable Selection Process
  • Copies of secondary school diploma and transcripts
    • Applicants who completed secondary school outside of Canada will require an equivalency certificate
  • Copies of any post-secondary diplomas and transcripts
    • Applicants who completed post-secondary programs outside of Canada will require an equivalency certificate
  • Ontario Police College Diploma, OPC Transcript/student evaluation marks, or other approved training facility in Canada
  • Proof of current fitness test result – PIN, PARE, POPAT, PREP 
  • Comprehensive list of all training/courses completed
  • Completed Consent and Release of Liability
  • Completed Confidential Applicant Survey

The York Regional Police Service is an equal opportunity employer. At York Regional Police, our actions are guided by set of values shared by every one of our members. These core values are essential to carrying out the vision and mission of our organization in a way that supports our people and our community. Our code of ethics ensures that everything we do at York Regional Police is conducted at the highest possible standard. Our community expects and deserves no less.  

Our motto Deeds Speak 

Employment information sessions:

Employment information sessions are open to the public and are intended for anyone interested in a police constable position at York Regional Police.

Check our website to see upcoming sessions:

Each session includes a presentation, followed by a question-and-answer period. Members of the Uniform Recruiting Unit will be on hand a half-hour before all information sessions to accept completed application packages from attendees.

Contact Us:

Uniform Recruiting Unit

70 Bales Drive East

East Gwillimbury, ON  L0G 1V0

1-866-876-5423 ext. 6720

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