Zhuhai Provisional Measures on Promoting Entrepreneurship among Highly Qualified Individuals and to Inject Expertise from Abroad

The present provisional measures are drafted and adopted following the resolutions given in the official document File Number 2011-11 of the CPC Zhuhai Municipal Committee and Municipal Government.

The purposes are:

  •  to bring in more highly qualified individuals to establish new businesses in Zhuhai;
  •  to upgrade Zhuhai’s development in human resources so that it may reach international standards;
  •  to facilitate employers in hiring high level experts; and
  •  to invigorate local and regional economic development.

Applicants must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. A Zhuhai Highly Qualified Talent Certificate must be obtained from proper authorities during a designated period of service.
  2. Possess specific patents or intellectual property rights which may be useful in assisting China’s economic and industrial development.
  3. After initial research, the project must start new business consistently with Zhuhai’s economic vision;
  4. The applicant should own no less than 30% of issued stocks; and the investment amount must exceed RMB 1 million.

For the purpose of this document only these areas of expertise will be covered:

1. The areas in high-end manufacturing, high-end services, high-tech industry, or the areas that Zhuhai designates as being in the developmental stage or strategic emerging industries, important projects and the like;

2. The domains of science, education, culture and health.

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