Join us virtually at the National Roundtable for Saving Canada’s Disappearing Chinatowns on Oct. 30

There has been an enormous effort across the country to save Chinatowns in major cities, and we are seeing significant momentum due to the leadership of Chinese Canadian communities as they have worked tirelessly over the years to halt the erasing of Canada’s Chinatowns.

As the government now develops a plan to help Canada build back better (from the COVID-19 recession), will Chinatowns expect to be included?

At this critical time, we are convening the National Roundtable to bring together community leaders to share their experience and deliberate on issues, innovations and the roles that public institutions play in building back better Chinatowns.

Coming out of this Roundtable, we aim to have a shared understanding of our collective interests, hopes, fears and priorities, which will inform the development of a collaborative process moving forward.

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