Apply for Workplace Communication in Canada (WCC) Program before Dec.15

Ryerson University is pleased to introduce the Workplace Communication in Canada (WCC) Program and the OBPAP bursary that covers the full tuition and textbook cost for eligible students. Please see the attached program flyer for more details about the WCC Program and the OBPAP bursary.  

Note that the start date of the WCC Program is January 10th, 2015. Application deadline is December 15th.  

Apply as soon as possible to secure your spot.   

The schedule of the WCC course series follows:  

CDCD320 Advanced Customer Focused Applications Start: January 10   End: Feb. 7   In-class sessions on Jan. 10, Jan 24 and Feb. 7     

CDCE330 Effective Persuasion and Public Speaking Start: Feb. 21  End: March 21   In-class sessions on Feb. 21, March 7 and March 21     

CDCE340 Teamwork and Organizational Behavior Start: April 11  End: May 2   In-class sessions on April 11, April 25 and May 2     

CDCE910  Effective Oral Communication Start: May 9   End: June 6  In-class sessions on May 9, May 23 and June 6    

WCC Program Flyer