CPAC Presents Inaugural Community Contribution Award to Shan Tang

February 25, 2020 TORONTO – CPAC presented its inaugural Community Contribution Award to Shan Tang of the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), recognizing her great contributions to the career development of immigrants and to the development of the Chinese community.

Ms. Tang is currently a Senior Commercial Account Manager at RBC Royal Bank of Canada. She started her career at RBC as a branch manager trainee after getting her MBA degree in 2003 and became the District Vice President for Markham prior to moving to commercial banking.

In her role as District Vice President for Markham, Ms. Tang was RBC’s representative in the Chinese community and was responsible for many of RBC’s sponsorships to Chinese community organizations. She has also spent a large amount of her personal time volunteering in different organizations to support immigrant women entrepreneurs, underprivileged children, and leadership development for immigrant professionals.

Starting from 2008, Ms. Tang has mentored four immigrant professionals from different ethnicities every year . She not only helps her mentees with their hard and soft skills and confidence building, but also shares with them her social network, so that they can achieve further success in their workplace and advance their careers.

Ms. Tang said she was honoured and humbled to receive the first CPAC Community Contribution Award and that there must be many unknown heroes in the community who are also deserving of this award. She hopes many other immigrants will contribute to positive social changes through actions of social responsibility and good citizenship. “We can make a difference when we work together,” said Ms. Tang.

“As a non-profit organization committed to helping immigrant professionals with their career development, CPAC hopes this inaugural Community Contribution Award will encourage more immigrant professionals to get involved in community services,” Said Eric Xiao, President of CPAC, “With your support, we can help more professionals succeed in the Canadian workplace.”

Mr. Eric Xiao, President of CPAC (right) and Mr. Andi Shi, Executive Director of CPAC (left) presents the CPAC Community Contribution Award to Ms. Shan Tang (centre).


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