Let’s Talk Webinar-A video series about anti-Asian racism


Join us for the launch of our Let’s Talk videos and discuss how we can find ways to resolve anti-Asian sentiment. About this event In response to the alarming rise…

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COVID-19 & Vaccines Explained


Video link to 2021 InnoVision Recording: Please see the following Chinese version for details. —————————————————————————– 纯干货+完整版视频链接!新冠疫情疫苗及检测问题全面解答、CPAC科技峰会新冠专题4月10日晚成功举办 4月10日晚由加拿大中国专业人士协会 (CPAC) 主办的2021年度科技峰会—新冠专题中文特别版在网上成功举行,加拿大顶尖的四位华裔专家在线为六百多名参会者详细解答了新冠疫情、检测和疫苗的各种问题。活动从晚8点一直持续进行到半夜12点半,几百名参会者还久久不想离去。大家纷纷表达了对活动主办方CPAC的感谢以及对几位专家深入浅出的讲解表示高度赞扬与感激。 以下为讲座的内容精华总结及录屏视频链接,供大家参阅;同时欢迎大家转发,让更多的人获益。   2021年度科技峰会—新冠专题中文特别版录屏视频链接:   专题⼀:全⾯解读新冠肺炎 内容:病毒特点及变异、传染途径、致病机理、治疗⼿段、基因变异、防病措施 讲员:李传愉医生,多伦多西乃山医院重症监护部主任、重症监护部教学组负责人、多伦多大学医学院助理教授 部分精华问题及专家解答: 怎样预防变异COVID-19? 限制靠近您的人数,避免封闭的室内空间和拥挤的地方,带上口罩,并确保身边的人也这样做,经常清洁双手…

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CPAC Pre-Apprenticeship Plumbing Program


In Canada plumbing is a well-paid career, and the demand is high for plumbing apprentices in the labor market. CPAC, in partnership with Durham College, runs a Pre-Apprenticeship Program for…

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Statement from CPAC on the Atlanta Shootings and Anti-Asian Violence across North America


Statement from CPAC on the Atlanta Shootings and Anti-Asian Violence across North America  March 20, 2021   CPAC condemns the senseless murders in Atlanta, Georgia that took the lives of…

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Employee Rights and Human Rights Webinar


ACCT Foundation and CPAC organized a webinar on employee rights and human rights during Pandemic, which has been presented in Mandarin on 6pm Mar. 18 EDT. The recording of this…

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Seminars on International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination


ACCT Foundation is holding a series of webinars in English and other first languages (Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese) on the topics of human rights and employment rights (March 18,…

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CPAC ENLIGHT and CCFA Leadership Webinar


Date and Time: Tue, February 16, 2021 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM EST   Register HERE   About this Event Co-organized by CPAC Enlight and CCFA, this leadership event invited…

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CPAC New Benefit: No Fee Credit Card with Rewards


Working with our long-term Partner, TD Bank, CPAC is now offering an exclusive new benefit to our members and their families and friends: Excusive offer of up to 15,000 bonus…

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Support initiative to end anti-Asian racism


Dear Friend, I am writing to seek your support for a new CPAC initiative – advocating for the interests of Chinese Canadians and combating anti-Asian racism, which is often overlooked…

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2021 Ningbo Yongjiang Talent Introduction Program


In order to deepen the implementation of the talent and innovation “Tree-planting Project”, accelerate the construction of a high-level innovative city, create a competitive place for the development of high-quality…

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