Testing Mentorship Program

A Fast Track to your Career!

–  CPAC-RBC Mentoring Program, Free to All Eligible Participants


The CPAC-RBC Youth Mentorship Program aims to assist young people aged 21 to 35 in gaining knowledge of the Canadian workplace, learning job search and related soft skills, and finding professional employment in their fields of training through the guidance and advice of established professionals (mentors). This is an enhanced mentorship program, with the additional components of employment counselling and systemic skills training to help participants (mentees) jump start their careers in Canada.


CPAC has been successfully delivering the mentoring program for over 15 years. We have over 600 established professional mentors who volunteer their time to help new professionals get established in their field. We work with applicants of all professions including Accounting, Engineering, IT, Banking, Financial Industry and Marketing etc.

Our mentors are:   IT Department Director, Software Engineer, IT Security Officer, Director of Analytics, Data Analyst, Senior Risk Management Managers, Investment Banking Manager, Branch Managers of the Banks, Auditing Manager and Tax, Senior Tax Specialist, Senior Auditing Manager, Senior Tax Manager, Senior Accounting Manager, Senior Data Scientist, Structural Engineer, Electrical Engineers Mechanical Engineers Chemical Engineers, etc.

Program Components


  • Mentoring by established professionals (12 weeks)
  • Effective communication skills training
  • One-on-one employment counselling
  • Job search workshops
  • Resume writing and interview preparation with experienced career coach
  • Internship and work placement opportunities
  • Networking opportunities with employers
  • Connection with professional associations



Program Eligibility


  • Ages 21 to 35
  • Canadian citizens, landed immigrants or international students
  • Degree or diploma from a post-secondary institution
  • CLB level 7 or above (internationally educated applicants)
  • Legally entitled to work in Canada


For registration and inquiries, please contact Aliseen Bennett at (416)-298-7885 x109 or aliseen.bennett@cpac-canada.ca

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