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最后机会!赶快报名参加本周六在Toronto City Hall举行的CPAC青年团第二届职业发展研讨会“Envision”

By CPAC | 2013-02-20

由CPAC青年团Enlight举办的第二届大型职业发展研讨会将于2013年3月2日(周六)在Toronto City Hall举行。本次研讨会,我们请到了不同行业的成功人士为我们分享他们的故事、介绍他们的经验,以及给我们创业和工作提供宝贵建议。希望此次活动可以带给你崭新的动力和启发,帮助你实现梦想!   此次研讨会将会有如下议题: ü  个人职业规划 ü  现今环境下的商业和管理 ü  在商业和金融业中的工作展望 ü  发现自己与团队的天赋以及团队激励 ü  工作全球化   我们将请到5位成功人士为我们分享: – Lian Guan (President, I-Lek Technology Inc.) – Jeffery Han (CEO and Owner of Virtuo360…

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Over 500 Attended CPAC “Encounter” Career Conference

By CPAC | 2012-11-12

Please see the Chinese version.

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Encounter Career Conference

By CPAC | 2012-10-31
[one_half][/one_half][one_half_last][quote]The Encounter Career Conference is another fantastic event by the aspiring Young Professionals Division of CPAC “Enlight” to better help newly graduates and professionals alike to find the right career.[/quote]…

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Enlight Entrepreneurship Seminar Attracted 100 “Aspiring Entrepreneur” to Attend

By CPAC | 2012-08-08

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Enlight Entrepreneurship Conference will be held on Aug. 2 Register Now!

By CPAC | 2012-07-19

Speakers Biography Dr. Songnian Zhou (CEO of Platform Computing) Platform Computing is a leading company in cluster, grid and cloud management software. Dr. Zhou’s research during his university studies was…

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